About Tamara

Tamara ZumMallen, Licensed Acupuncturist, is a highly respected authority in the field of acupuncture, having spent the last two decades transforming the lives of people in Los Angeles and beyond. With a Doctor of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine degree and a groundbreaking doctoral dissertation titled "The Effect of Acupuncture on In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes," Tamara is a true pioneer in her field. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Dongguk University Los Angeles in 2001 with a Master of Science in Chinese Medicine degree and has since been recognized as a Subject Matter Expert for the California Acupuncture Board. A Chicago native, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from DePaul University.

Dr. ZumMallen's passion for helping women and couples achieve their dreams of starting a family led her to establish Fertile Moon®, a highly sought-after acupuncture and holistic counseling practice. Her highly-individualized treatments, conducted in a serene and welcoming setting, have helped countless people manage pain, sleep better, relieve stress, and achieve healthy pregnancies and beautiful babies. Tamara's dedication to her patients is unwavering, and she is committed to providing the highest quality care possible.

Dr. ZumMallen founded her own line of fertility support products appropriately called Fertile Moon® Women's Wellness. These products, developed with input from her global clientele, are available for purchase at her Beverly Hills office, on her globally-accessible online site www.fertilemoon.com, and on Amazon.com.

Most recently, Dr. ZumMallen published her first book, The Fertility Book: 21 Days of Optimal Nutrition to Jumpstart Your Path to Pregnancy.

Whether you're struggling with fertility issues, seeking relief from pain or stress, or simply looking to achieve optimal health and wellness, Tamara ZumMallen is at your service in one of the top wellness clinics in all of Los Angeles. Make an appointment with her today and start your journey to a healthier, happier you.